5 Hong Kong Brands You Need to Know!
2024-05-29 16:00

It is a good idea to go shopping in a blazing hot summer, but the selection of brands seems a bit… boring? If you look a bit closer, there are many local Hong Kong brands that are producing high quality products and stylish designs. We have hand-picked 5 Hong Kong brands that you need to know in this summer!


1. Archbrick | Hong Kong Clock Tower Mini Block $159 & Hong Kong Red Mini Van Mini Block $75

You must have played with bricks when you were small, or accidentally stepped on it (ouch!), but have you heard of Arhcbrick before? Archbrick is established in 2020 with a dedication to help players to construct and collect their own small and beautiful world from their heart with creativity and imagination.

In this summer, you can build a miniature of Hong Kong at home by getting yourself a “Red Minibus”, or be slightly more ambitious to go for the “Tsim Sha Tsui Clock Tower”.

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2. Soclothes | Rabbit8s Friends T-shirt $289, Red Panda Bucket Hat $329 & Dreamer Map Me Crossbody Bag $429

Summer has finally arrived and it is a good time to buy some new clothes! Feeling bored about the common fashion brands? How about putting on something that is designed in Hong Kong to make it a special summer?

Soclotheshk has a wide variety of products, from the fashionable Rabbit8s Friends T-shirt, to the adorable red panda bucket hat and colourful embroidery crossbody bag, there is surely something for everyone!

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3. Lapzuk HK | Natural Insect Repellent $148

Established in 2021, Lapzuk HK aims to bring joy and balance of body to one's life through their aromatherapy products, which are all proudly designed and manufactured in Hong Kong. Lapzuk HK has various types of candles, aromatherapy oil and perfume, but for this coming summer, you will need something stronger to take care of the mosquitoes.

This Natural Insect Repellent is the enemy of all kind of mosquitoes and the remedies for itching. Made from 9 types of natural essential oil and pure water, it does not contain DEET, formaldehyde and camphor, so even children can use it safely!

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4. HK.Palette | Lemon Tea iPhone Case $80, Red Bean Ice iPhone Case $80 & Pineapple Bun iPhone Case $80

Nowadays, all smartphones look alike with a giant black screen, but a personalized protective case will help you quickly identify your phones and showcases your characters. What about adding some unique Hong Kong style to your phone case?

HK.Palette was established in 2021. All iPhone cases are designed using the familiar colours that can easily be found in Hong Kong, such as the beloved lemon tea, the afternoon-tea-favourite red bean ice and the tasty-yet-unhealthy pineapple bun. ( Maybe the phone case will be good for your appetite too!)

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5. Pure.Sincere | Ginger & Black Pepper Anti-Swelling & Detox Body Massage Oil $268

Pure.Sincere is a local herbal skincare brand, devoted to providing quality skincare products that intertwine eastern herbal wisdom and western aromatherapy.

The Ginger & Black Pepper Anti-Swelling & Detox Body Massage Oil is designed for those who stand or sit all-day-long and lack of exercising. The ingredients include ginger and black pepper essential oil, which enhance our blood circulation, while the grapefruit and juniper berry oil can help with anti-swelling and detox. That’s a must-have for all Hong Kong people living a hectic life!

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