Let’s Celebrate International Dog Day by Spoiling Your Furry Friends with Accessories!
2023-08-25 12:00

Did you know that August 26th is International Dog Day? In 2004, animal rights advocate Colleen Paige launched the first "International Dog Day" to gather everyone's love and concern for dogs by celebrating this day. Puppies are not only our companions at home but also a source of emotional support in our daily life.

The significance of International Dog Day goes beyond the emotional connection between owners and their pet dogs, it promotes the philosophy of "Adopt, don't shop" and "Responsible dog ownership". International Dog Day aims to remind everyone that dogs play an indispensable role in our lives. Whether they are pet dogs, guide dogs, or sniffer dogs, we should respect and care for them with fairness.

The official website of International Dog Day introduces over 20 ways to celebrate this day, such as taking a pet portrait photo session for your dog or gifting them a stylish collar and harness. Have no idea what gifts to buy for your dogs? LOUDER has already shortlisted six dog accessories for you!

[A Must-have for Active Puppies]
1. Eggpuff Just Fit Harness (7 Styles: Daruma, Fujiyama, Onigiri, Blue Grid, Yellow Grid, Danog and Pudding)

Made of durable nylon material, this Just Fit Harness is designed to fit snugly but not too tight, providing comfort and safety for your dog at the same time. It features two adjustable straps that evenly distribute pressure and prevent pulling, ensuring a comfortable walk for both you and your puppies. The harness comes in various colors and sizes so you can definitely find the perfect fit for your dogs. 

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Eggpuff Just Fit Harness


2. MMM.PETHK Denim Pet Double Bows Tie (2 Styles: Single Ribbon and Double Ribbon; Available in Various Sizes)

Looking for some highlights in your dogs’ outfits? This denim double bows tie will be a good fit. Made of braided denim fabric, this tie features an adorable double bow design that will definitely turn heads. The neck size uses a Velcro strap which allows further adjustment according to the dog's physique.

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MMM.PETHK Pet Double Bows Tie

[The Choice for Summer Outings]
3. wowwow9 The Dots Bundle Set 

The Dots Bundle Set offered by wowwow9 uses comfortable nylon polyester material. With the handle on one end and a hook on the other, it allows you to hang stuff like a poop bag dispenser. In addition, the entire set uses waterproof and anti-fungal materials that dry quickly after washing. 

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wowwow9 The Dots Bundle Set


4. wowwow9 Water Proof Harness Set (2 Colors: Baby Blue and Shiny Orange)

The waterproof harness set is specially designed for furry friends who enjoy playing in the water. It is made of white PU leather that is waterproof and durable. With two adjustable nylon waist belts, fixed to the dog's chest and back, it helps to distribute the weight of the harness evenly. Besides, a nylon rope storage loop is designed on each side of the waist belt, making it convenient to retract the excess dog rope when needed.

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wowwow9 Water Proof Harness Set


[Pawfect Photoshoot Props]
5. JUUU Gallery Handmade Adjustable Semi-circle Macrame Collar (Sunflower)

If you want to recognize your beloved dog at a glance in a group of dogs, you can consider getting this Adjustable Hand-woven Flower Edge Dog Collar from JUUU Gallery. The collar is made from woven cords in green, yellow, brown, and red. The tassel design also adds dynamic elements to the dog's appearance.

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JUUU Gallery Handmade Collar


6. JUUU Gallery Handmade Bohemia Stylish Chain Collar (Orange x Blue)

In addition to vibrant and eye-catching styles, we also have a discreet yet distinctive option — Handmade Bohemia Stylish Chain Collar. The design inspiration of this collar derives from the free-spirited lifestyle of the gypsies. If your furry friend loves to walk in the park and play with other dog friends, you can put this on him to create a splendid visual effect.

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JUUU Gallery Handmade Chain Collar

To celebrate International Dog Day, why not visit LOUDER stores in Telford Plaza in Kowloon Bay, Tai Wai, and The LOHAS to pick out a gift for your furry friends? Alternatively, you could order your favorite dog accessories from LOUDER's online store as a way to express your endless love for your pet.