Rainy Day Essentials
2024-06-27 16:00

It’s Summertime a.k.a the rainy season and the peak travel season🌧. Are you ready for it? LOUDER has prepared a list of useful products to keep you away from the wind and storm, as well as spacious and durable luggage and backpacks that are perfect for weekend getaways🧳

Umbrellas Collection

A reliable umbrella is a must-have during the Hong Kong rainy season. LOUDER has a collection of locally designed umbrellas to suit every style. For dog lovers, you will love the umbrellas from “Pawsible” as it features a variety of dogs and are also UV-resistant, protecting you from both sunlight and rain. If you're more of a cat person, the “FAMEETMEOW” folding umbrella is sure to catch your eye. Surrounded by a sea of pink flowers with a lovely cat gazing at you, how could you resist this? For minimalists, you may prefer umbrellas from “ADOS”, which offers a simple and elegant design! These umbrellas are both fashionable and functional, so come and pick your rainy season style at LOUDER!








Cat / Floral



 dark blue / light blue

 pink / cream 





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Pawsible  | Umbrella ($120)

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ADOS | Umbrella ($89)

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FAMEETMEOW | Compact Umbrella (More options) ($250)

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AmStrong Bag Collection

Fed up with the rainy days in Hong Kong? Many choose to escape the city and go on trips during summer! If you are planning a getaway, you will need a durable bag for the adventures. LOUDER is excited to introduce you a local brand, "AmStrong". They offer a variety of bags in different sizes and functions, so you're sure to find one that suits your needs. Highly recommended is the "02-POCKET" bag as it is lightweight and portable for storing small but valuable items such as credit cards and keys. If you are an organized person, you will need this "02-Gear Bag" might be a great option. It provides 2 compartments and 3 stash pockets, allowing you to neatly store your necessities. For those with more to carry, the "02-RUCKSACK" may be a better choice. It comes with a dedicated laptop sleeve and a foldable shoe compartment, easy to fit all your travel essentials in one bag. 

For people with different packing styles and travel needs, “AmStrong” has your back! Bid farewell to the rainy days and explore the world with "AmStrong".


AmSTRONG | 02-POCKET ($118)

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AmSTRONG | 02-RUCKSACK (More options) ($690-$770)

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AmSTRONG | 02-GEAR BAG ($200)

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Tote Bag & Sling Bag

Many prefer tote bags and sling bags over bulky backpacks as they can keep their belongings within easy reach and eyesight during the trip. If you share the same thoughts, you should read the recommendations below!

The “Mini Wild Crossbody Bag” designed by "Soclotheshk"  cleverly combines design and functionality. It features forest-themed embroidery patterns on both sides of the bag and offers internal compartments for easier organization. Another great choice is the “Little Prince Multi-functional Shopping Bag” which you can adjust the strap and use it as a sling bag, tote bag, or handheld. The fabric is stiff enough to hold its shape nicely without being bulky. The charming Little Prince print also makes for a stylish accessory during sightseeing! For a lightweight and low-profile option, "Soclotheshk" waist bags could be perfect. Available in black or blue with water-resistant material, you won't have to worry about your belongings getting wet in the rain. Whether you prefer crossbody, tote, or waist bags, these Soclotheshk designs offer functional yet fashionable solutions for your travel needs.


Soclotheshk | Mini Wild Crossbody Bag ($349)

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Soclotheshk | The Little Prince Multi-functional Shopping Bag ($279)

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Torekka Green | WAIST BAG ($265)

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Rollink Foldable Luggage Series

Planning your next trip? Consider the innovative and collapsible luggage from the brand "Rollink". These clever design solutions are redefining the travel experience by providing unparalleled convenience and efficiency. "Rollink" is renowned for its foldable suitcases. When collapsed, they are only 15cm thick, allowing you to save a significant amount of space when storing them at home. The luggage is crafted from impact-resistant polycarbonate material, ensuring the safety of your belongings. Currently at LOUDER, you can find "Rollink" suitcases and luggage in 21-inch, 26-inch, and 29-inch sizes. Choose the size that best suits your travel needs. The 26-inch and 29-inch versions even come equipped with TSA locks and 360-degree silent spinner wheels, making your journeys more secure and seamless.


Rollink | Flex 21 Collapsible CARRY-ON Suitcase (VEGA II) ($1198)

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Rollink | Flex 26 Collapsible 4-Wheel Spinner Luggage (VEGA 360) ($2759)

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Rollink | Flex 29 Collapsible 4-Wheel Spinner Luggage (VEGA 360) ($3130)

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*The price mentioned is subject to change without notice. Please refer to the product link for the latest pricing information.