International Luggage Brand from Israel.We are a strong group of creatives, technologists, and marketers located in the heart of Israel, the Start-up Nation. 
Whether it’s the end-user experience or design aesthetics, Rollink delivers seamless yet practical solutions for travelers on-the-go, creating a range of travel standards that speaks to different personal styles and needs.

ROLLINK is the World's Slimmest & Lightweight Luggage. 
When not in use, just hang your ROLLINK luggages in the closet or stow it under your bed. Then, pull it out when adventure calls ! 
Collapsible Luggage for Every Travelers. We are ROLLINK TRAVEL SMART !


3 Items
ROLLINK Flex 21 Collapsible CARRY-ON Suitcase (VEGA II)
HKD $1298.00
HKD $1198.00
ROLLINK Flex 26 Collapsible 4-Wheel Spinner Luggage (VEGA 360)
HKD $2999.00
HKD $2759.00
ROLLINK Flex 29 Collapsible 4-Wheel Spinner Luggage (VEGA 360)
HKD $3399.00
HKD $3130.00