Attention: All Foodies, LOUDER Food Festival (Phase 2) is Finally Here!
2024-06-05 15:00

Have you enjoyed our limited time promotion offer of “Buy Two Get One Free” last month? We hope you have left some space in the fridge or cabinet for the coming round of promotion. Upcoming, LOUDER will offer a special deal for selected items from 7 popular brands with discount up to 20% off! Scroll to see the promotion details!


Yi O | 14 Kinds of Sauces ▶️Special Offer $140/2pcs

Do you know where is Yi O? Yi O is a village located in south-west Lantau Island. Since 2012, the original villagers have decided to revitalize the place and rehabilitate farming activities. If you are a real foodie, you must not miss the authentic taste from local farms! All ingredients used in the Yi O sauces are produced organically by local farmers. The Thai Tom Yum Sauce and Lemongrass Minced Garlic Sauce will definitely add some spice to your usual meals.

Yi O Agricultural Cooperation is a co-opt company jointly founded by the villages and a group of villages life lovers. They carry out Yi O Village framing rehabilitation work with hope to use farming as a core to rebuild the rural community economy to revive the Village and promote local organic agriculture.

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Nutky | Smoked Salt & Pepper Mixed Nuts and Caramel Mixed Nuts ▶️Special Offer $82/2pc

Some say Nutky possibly has the best caramel nuts in town, but we are unable to confirm this rumor. All we know is that no matter how may packs of Nutky caramel mixed nuts we stock up on in our office, those nuts just seem to fly off the shelves. Maybe you should try some and tell us whether it is really the best in town!

Established in 2019, Nutky is determined to find the favourite caramel nut flavor in town. It hopes to bring happiness and joy to people through delicious nuts.

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Soul Simple Store | Xinjiang Walnut and Pine Nuts ▶️Special Offer $140 – $160/2pcs

We all want to snack a little healthier from time to time, that’s why we have something for you as well. The Xinjiang Walnut from Soul Simple Store does not contain any additives or artificial flavouring, just he healthy fat and protein which are good nutrients for our brain, stock it up so that you can snack with no stress!

Soul Simple Store is found in 2019 and specialized at a wide variety of Xinjiang dried fruits and nuts. All products have no additives, added sugar or flavouring.

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Jammie Jam | All Meringue Cookies ▶️Special Offer $99/3pcs

Cookies from Jammie Jam are my all-time favourite, you will get it after your first bite! Crispy cookies with a thick, rich and smooth taste of tea, definitely the perfect choice for a laid-back afternoon break. That’s also why we are including them in our Food Festival!

Each pack of Jammie Jam cookies is freshly made without artificial flavours, preservatives or thickeners, hoping to create the perfect match for all cookie-lovers.

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The Nutter Company | Nut Butter ▶️Special Offer $175/2pcs

It is always nice to start off with something nice in the morning, and a nice breakfast can really give us the energy for the day. Peanut Butter from the Nutter Company is made from 100% Indian peanuts and free from seasonings or additives, giving us the purest peanut butter enjoyment for our breakfast, act fast before they are sold out!

The Nutter Company specializes in freshly handcrafted nut butters in Hong Kong. The nut butters are made of 100% nuts only, with no added oil, salt, sugar or additives.

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Fook Yuen | Peanut / Black Sesame Glutinous Rice Balls ▶️Special Offer $104/2pcs

There is always a long queue outside the shop of Fook Yuen in Fortress Hill. Feeling a bit too demanding to queue all the way in and try its famous glutinous rice balls? We can give you a much easier offer, simply purchase Fook Yuen glutinous rice balls from LOUDER and enjoy them at home!

Fook Yuen has been selling glutinous rice balls at Fook Yuen Street for 30 years and the name is named after Fook Yuen Street, where the store has gained its popularity.


Valérie | Cookies / Egg Roll Gift Box / Palmier Gift Box▶️ Special Offer $136/2pcs

You probably have heard of or even tried the palmiers from Valérie because of its great popularity. In the upcoming promotion, all palmier gift box is selling at only $356 for 2, we are sure that it will be sold out quickly. Apart from palmier, have you tried their cookies yet? There are 7 different favours including Uji Matcha, Belgian Cacao and Italian Hazelnut, making it the perfect choice for own enjoyment or as a gift to someone special!

Founded in 2014, Valérie focuses on every step of the production, ranging from recipe recreation, selection of materials to continuous improvement. All products are freshly baked and produced in Hong Kong, sharing the sweetness and taste of love to everyone.


Hurry! The LOUDER Food Festival will only last till 12 June 2024, see you at LOUDER physical stores or eShop!

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