TABOOCHA is the first local handcrafted kombucha brewery founded by two sisters Pat & Lisa. Kombucha is a fermented tea that is served chilled, naturally bubbly, and resembles the taste of a yummy sweet and sour soda drink. It contains enzymes and probiotics which are good for gut health and detox, and as such some people describe it as the "soft drink" that is good for you and your gut. Apart from offering single origin tea-based kombuchas, Taboocha also creates delicious and quirky recipes to make the kombucha drinking experience delightful and memorable for both first-timers and regulars. Accompanying these interesting flavors are colorful and charismatic labels, all designed by local artists. Because of the sisters’ love for their dog Taboo as well as all the other homeless mongrels in Hong Kong, since day 1 they are committed to donating HKD1 to a local dog shelter for every bottle returned to them (which is then sanitized and reused). To date they uphold this sustainable initiative. Taboocha hopes that by making REAL delicious kombucha, they are not only sharing a healthier lifestyle, but also helping to create a happier and friendlier world to live in.


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