Introduction to Good2select

Good2select, founded in 2017, specializes in handcrafted preserved and dried flower arrangements imported from Japan. By incorporating various figurines, it creates diverse and stylish products that add color to life.

What is special about Good2select’s Mini Bouquet Gift Box No.6 with Handcrafted Perfume?

The specialty of the Good2select’s Mini Bouquet Gift Box No.6 with Handcrafted Perfume lies in its perfect blend of beauty and aroma. This gift box not only contains a meticulously crafted preserved flower bouquet but also includes a 10 ml bottle of handmade perfume. The perfume has a unique and captivating scent, with top notes of fresh marigold, middle notes of sweet bergamot, and base notes of unique sage. This perfume not only provides a lasting and enchanting aroma but also enhances your style daily.

Compared to other preserved flower bouquets, the Good2select’s Mini Bouquet Gift Box No.6 with Handcrafted Perfume stands out for its uniqueness and practicality. The beauty of preserved flowers and the fragrance of perfume add a unique charm to your life, which can be preserved for a long time as a memory and can be used in daily life to fill your days with the scent of flowers. Moreover, it is an excellent gift choice, whether for friends, family, or lovers, showing your unique style and thoughtfulness.

How should I choose the right preserved flower?

Choosing the right preserved flower requires considering several key factors:

  1. Recipient's storage space: You need to understand the recipient's living space and choose a preserved flower that suits them. For example, if their space is small, you can choose a small bouquet or arrangement; if their space is spacious, you can choose a large vase or basket.

  2. Features of memory: If you and the recipient have shared memories or experiences, you can choose a preserved flower related to these memories. For example, if you have watched a cartoon together, you can choose a preserved flower vase with the cartoon character figurine.

  3. Recipient's preferences: Understanding the recipient's preferences is also an important factor in choosing preserved flowers. You can choose based on their favorite colors, types of flowers, or styles. For example, if they like pink and romantic style, you can choose preserved roses in pink; if they like natural and minimalist style, you can choose white preserved flowers.

Through these factors, you can more accurately choose the preserved flowers that best suit the recipient, bringing them surprise and happiness.

Are preserved flower vases safe?

Most materials and chemicals used in the production process of preserved flowers are safe. However, like all decorative items and household items, you should handle and store preserved flowers carefully to prevent children or pets from accidentally ingesting them. Although most chemicals used in the production of preserved flowers are non-toxic, they are not suitable for consumption. Moreover, if you or your family members are allergic to certain chemicals, you may need to further understand the production process and materials used for preserved flowers.

When is the best time to give a preserved flower vase?

Preserved flowers are a perfect choice for home decoration and expression of love! You can give preserved flowers on the following holidays and occasions:

  • Valentine's Day

  • Mother's Day

  • Father's Day

  • Gift for girlfriend

  • Gift for boyfriend

  • Anniversary gift

  • Birthday

  • Days worth remembering for a long time

How to preserve preserved flowers?

Preserved flowers should be kept away from excessively humid or hot environments, which could cause their color to fade or their shape to deform. Also, you should avoid exposing preserved flowers directly to sunlight to prevent the flowers from fading.