- 7 colors changing atmosphere light, Night Light + Humidifier 24/7 Antibacterial and Purifying Effects - All in One - Magnify the Air purification effect of Qivation Nano photocatalyst Technology - Ultrasonic Humidification technology with humidity detection reading display, USB Type-C power port, plug and play - 2L water tank with top-fill design; the automatic timer provides safer protection - Air purification and Antibacterial Anti-virus and Deodorization features - Intertek - renowned Global Quality Assurance Laboratory verified over 90% bacteria decreased - HKSTP verifies TiO2 adhesive strength - PIAJ certificate proof the materials with Air purification, Antibacterial Effect *Recommend replacing the cotton wick every 1 to 2 weeks or subject to the cotton wick condition. The package includes a pair of cotton wick and filter stick, additional cotton wick and filter stick sell separately *Remarks: If the Customer according to their own interest uses their own aromatherapy essential oils in this product, the lamp must clean frequently, otherwise, it is easy to corrode the machine board and atomizer, resulting in blockage and failure. If there is any improper usage inclusive of the description above during the warranty period, the warranty service will not be available. Warranty Period : 1 Year