- Chlorine Dioxide ClO2 filter + Qivation TiO2 technology, DECOMPOSE POLLUTANTS IN 3 MINUTES (*TEST AREA : 0.3 CUBIC METER INDOOR AREA) - ALUMINIUM ALLOY MATTE CASING - TiO2 Technology apply on the product body, 24/7 antibacterial and purification effects, minimizing the risk of secondary infection - Air purification and Antibacterial Anti-virus and Deodorization features - Intertek - renowned Global Quality Assurance Laboratory verified over 90% bacteria decreased - HKSTP verifies TiO2 adhesive strength - PIAJ certificate proof the materials with Air purification, Antibacterial Effect Package Includes: 1x TiO2 Air Purifier 1x Chlorine Dioxide ClO2 Filter 1x USB Type-C Cable *Chlorine Dioxide is one of the safest and most effective disinfectants in the world. It is a strong oxidant, which has strong adsorption and penetration ability to the cell walls of bacteria, viruses, molds and other microorganisms, can effectively oxidize enzymes in cells, and quickly inhibit protein synthesis to achieve antibacterial and bactericidal effects Chlorine Dioxide is a green disinfectant that is friendly to the environment, human body and animals. Since it does not contain heavy metals, is not easy to remain toxic, and is volatile. It is usually used for disinfection of tap water and is also a legal food detergent. Warranty Period : 1 Year