Introduction to Dailyfloret

Dailyfloret aims to focus on the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of urban dwellers through plants, art, and lifestyle products. The brand's founder sees plants as artistic materials and imbues them with a more lifelike meaning by exploring their essence. It brings the sensory experience of observing plants into art and space, connecting with our souls and opening up our imagination of aesthetic living. It provides a breathing space, a corner of respite, amidst the concrete jungle.

What are the special features of the Dailyfloret Preserved Flower Glass Ring Box?

This preserved flower product stands out from other LOUDER’s products with its unique glass box and ring box, making it the perfect choice for your marriage proposal!

The uniqueness of this product lies in its design and attention to detail. Firstly, it comes with an exquisite glass box that not only protects the flowers but also showcases their beauty. The transparent glass material allows you to admire the delicate flowers inside the box, making the entire proposal process more romantic and memorable.

Additionally, this product comes with a ring box specially designed for the engagement ring. The ring box is intricately designed, providing both protection for the ring and adding an element of mystery and surprise to the proposal moment. When you open the ring box and reveal the ring to your partner, it will undoubtedly evoke immense happiness and emotion.

Whether you plan to use this preserved flower product for a romantic marriage proposal or as a special gift for your partner, the preserved flowers with the glass box and ring box will bring a unique surprise and touch of emotion. Its distinctive design and excellent functionality make it the perfect choice for your proposal, making that moment even more unforgettable and romantic. Whether it's during the proposal or in the future, this beautiful preserved flower will become an eternal symbol of your love story.

What are the differences between preserved flowers and fresh flowers?

Preserved flowers and fresh flowers have significant differences in terms of lifespan, care requirements, and production processes.

  1. In terms of lifespan, fresh flowers usually maintain their freshness for only one to two weeks before gradually withering. In contrast, specially treated preserved flowers can last for several years or even longer. This is because preserved flowers undergo special processing to maintain their original appearance and colors, without withering over time.

  2. In terms of care requirements, fresh flowers need regular water replenishment and rely on appropriate light exposure and temperature to maintain their freshness. However, preserved flowers do not require water or light and do not need specific temperature control. It is important to avoid storing them in overly humid or hot environments.

  3. Regarding the production process, fresh flowers are directly harvested from flower fields and undergo immediate processing and transportation to maintain their freshness. On the other hand, preserved flowers require a series of processing steps after harvesting, including dehydration, bleaching, dyeing, and preservation, to ensure long-lasting vibrant colors and natural forms.

Although preserved flowers and fresh flowers have distinct differences, both can add beauty and vitality to the environment. The choice between the two types of flowers depends entirely on your needs and preferences. If you are looking for long-lasting and low-maintenance floral arrangements, preserved flowers would be an ideal choice. However, if you prefer the freshness and are willing to invest time and effort in caring for them, fresh flowers will bring more variation and the experience of their blooming period.

Are preserved flower glass ring boxes safe?

The materials and chemicals used in the production of preserved flowers are generally safe. However, like all decorative and household items, it is important to handle and store preserved flowers with caution to prevent ingestion by children or pets. Although most chemicals used in the production process of preserved flowers are non-toxic, they are not intended for consumption. Additionally, if you or your family members have allergies to certain chemicals, it may be necessary to further understand the production process and materials used in preserved flowers.

When is the best time to gift a preserved flower glass ring box?

Preserved flowers are a perfect choice for home decor and expressions of love. You can gift preserved flowers on occasions such as:

  • Valentine's Day

  • Anniversary celebrations

  • Marriage proposals

  • Special commemorative days

How do I preserve preserved flowers?

Preserved flowers should be kept away from excessively humid or high-temperature environments, as this can cause fading of their colors or deformation of their shapes. It is also advisable to avoid direct exposure to sunlight, as this may cause the flowers to lose their vibrancy.