Three Steps to Making Coffee Drip Bags:

1. After opening the package, take out and tear off the top of the ear-mounted bag, and place the ear-mounted bag on the cup
2. Add hot water (recommended to be above 90 degrees) and add it 2-3 times until the bag is about 90% full, about 150-200ml.
3. Finally, pick up the ear-hanging bag and enjoy a cup of fragrant coffee~


《Costa Rica Chopin》

※ Raisin Honey

※ Rum Raisin(朗姆酒葡萄乾), Rose(玫瑰花),  Melon(哈蜜瓜)

《The Emperor》

※ Medium Dark Roast

※ Medium body and well balance

※ Roasted Almond (烤杏仁), Dark Chocolate (黑巧克力), Caramel (焦糖)

《The Sun》

※ Light to Medium Roast

※ Syrupy Sweet

※ Floral (花香), Tropical Fruit (熱帶水果), Cacao (可可)


※ Cherry (櫻桃), Tangerine (橘子), Tropical Fruit (熱帶水果)


※ Medium Roast

※ Smooth and balance

※ Vanilla (香草), Caramel (焦糖), Milk Chocolate (牛奶朱古力)