Urban people live under a lot of stress, lack of exercise, and unrestrained diet. They prefer fatty, fried or raw, cold, cold and damp food, which damages the function of the spleen and stomach. The spleen and stomach are not only the place where the human body produces qi and blood, but also have an important function of transporting water and dampness. When the function of the spleen and stomach is weakened due to bad living habits, the excess water in the body cannot be drained away, and it will evolve into pathological products such as dampness and phlegm. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, obesity is mostly related to the accumulation of excessive phlegm dampness in the body. People with phlegm-dampness constitution are prone to fatigue, and most of them are slightly obese. The head, face or limbs are prone to swelling, and the face or scalp are prone to sweating and oiliness. In addition, people with phlegm-dampness constitution also have poor digestion, and are prone to symptoms of fullness, bloating, gas, shapeless stool or constipation. In order to completely improve the phlegm-dampness problem of urbanites, EC SAYS is the first to create a vegetarian porridge, which is made into decoction porridge with traditional Chinese medicinal materials and dietary materials that invigorate the spleen and remove dampness but are not too cold. Start from the root, strengthen the spleen and replenish qi internally, use Chinese herbal medicines such as Radix Pseudostellaria, Poria, Gordon Euyale Seed and White Hyacinth Bean to enhance the function of the spleen and stomach, and then add Chinese herbal medicines such as Corn silk, red beans, black fungus etc. To treat both the symptoms and the root causes of various sub-health symptoms caused by the accumulation of phlegm in the body, including easy fatigue, edema, and poor stool. ECSAYS also specially uses millet, which not only enhances the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach, but also has a lower glycemic index, which is a gift for those who pay attention to their body shape.