Cancerbush Rooibos 100g / 40 Tea Bags - Original blended with 5% natural cancerbush Cancerbush is a hardy perennial shrub native to southern Africa. The plant has been traditionally used as a bitter tonic and multi-purpose medicinal plant with high concentrations of amino acids including canavanine and GABA. Main Benefits Immune Booster | Cancer | Appetite Traditionally used by the natives to treat a number of ailments, cancerbush is an immune boaster rich in amino acid GABA which helps in the treatment of internal cancer, fever and stomache ailment. It also helps with the appetite and improve overall energy level. *DISCLAIMER: DIETARY PRODUCTS ARE NOT INTENDED TO TREAT, PREVENT OR CURE DISEASE. CONSULT WITH A HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL BEFORE STARTING ANY DIET, SUPPLEMENT OR EXERCISE PROGRAM.