Honeybush Rooibos 100g / 40 Tea Bags - Original blended with 45% honeybush Honeybush is a shrub that grows in the Eastern and Western Cape regions of South Africa. Naturally with a scent of honey and sweetneess, it's caffeine-free, nutritious and antioxidant. Main Benefits Double Antioxidant | Cough | Honey Honeybush is rich in antixodants which offers a wide range of health benefits, including calming coughs, improved bone and skin health, as well as antidiabetic. Blended with Rooibos, it creates double synergistic antioxidant effect. *DISCLAIMER: DIETARY PRODUCTS ARE NOT INTENDED TO TREAT, PREVENT OR CURE DISEASE. CONSULT WITH A HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL BEFORE STARTING ANY DIET, SUPPLEMENT OR EXERCISE PROGRAM.