The award-winning patented Flow T Brush has won international acclaim. It received the 2021 Red Dot Award in Germany for Innovative Product. This 6-in-1 toothbrush perfectly express the concept of "Less is More". It has no electronic components and is composed of recyclable materials, the replaceable heads that reduce waste. It has an interesting design that guides water like a fountain. So you don't need to keep a cup in the bathroom to rinse your mouth. It’s a fun feature no matter your age. Moreover, it has a disability-friendly design and can stand up on its own or hang for storage. The cleverly fixed and locked brush head design is not easy loosen in order to ensure the safety of users. The slim brush head design can clean the mouth more deeply. Additionally, with its compelling design optimized for durability and sustainability, this unique product also has minimalist aesthetics. Red Dot Jury Comment: Flow T Brush impresses with its compelling design optimised for durability and sustainability, and it pleases with minimalist aesthetics. Features: - Free Standing / Hanging - Replaceable Heads - Make Brushing More Fun - Disability Friendly - No Need Cup - Recyclable Materials