Our designed tattoo set contains big sheets. Impress your family, friends, or work colleagues with these temporary tattoos that can be put on your body to give the illusion of having a real tattoo. Lasted longer then 3 weeks! How to apply: -Be sure the skin is clean, dry, and free of oils and lotions. -Cut the tattoos and remove the clear protective top sheet. -Design face down, press the tattoo firmly onto the skin -Use a wet cloth to press against the back of the tattoo paper for 30 sec, make sure to wet it thoroughly. - Peel off the paper backing carefully. To keep the image last longer, avoid rubbing on it. - You will see result in 12 hours How to remove: -Simply apply baby oil or oil-based makeup remover onto the tattooed area -Leave it for 30 sec -Rub away the tattoo, and raise the skin with soap water. Ideal For seeing to seaing Our exquisitely designed products are the ideal accessory for those who appreciate displaying their beauty near the seaside, in humid climates, and while diving. Since our products are durable and do not wash off or fade quickly, they are excellent for travel and vacations. Why choose us? Together, your love of tattoos and our design skills may significantly rock the world. Our painstakingly crafted tattoos are intended to be removed after two weeks. We help you make an impression with little to no effort on your part. We have many freckles and crystal ranges to add more potential to your look.