The liner stamp from Rebel tats is eyeliner from one side and a stamp with a star from another side. 💄How to use: Can make arrows for eyes with the help of liner and decorative stamps, which make your image and makeup unforgettable. Carefully push the stamp onto the skin at the place where you want to add an ornament. The skin must be not oily before the stamp applies. 💄Level up your fashion game! Adding our beautiful collection of liner stamps to your grooming kit energizes the energy you carry within you. A beautiful assortment for the true rebel! 💄Ideal For seeing👀 to seaing🌊 Our exquisitely designed liner stamps are the ideal accessory for those who appreciate displaying their beauty near the seaside, in humid climates, and while diving. Since our products are durable and do not wash off or fade quickly, they are excellent for travel and vacations. 💄Why choose us? Together, your love of tattoos and liner stamp skills may significantly rock the world. We help you make an impression with little to no effort on your part. We have many freckles and crystal ranges to add more potential to your look.