Stylish design and smart compartments make this backpack very practical, whether it is traveling abroad, shopping and various occasions. The zipper opens 90 degrees to the front for easy access. Provide a dark bag, keep valuables in the dark bag, so as not to let thieves take advantage of it. The backpack can be easily hung on the luggage trolley, allowing you to travel more easily and effortlessly! Fits a 15.6" laptop and will fit perfectly in this compartment. A must have feature for commuters and students alike. Features elastic loops to keep pens of all sizes neatly organized! Wherever you go, You can carry all the pens you need with you anywhere! With a dedicated card slot, it takes the pain out of searching for your most used cards in your backpack. Not only does it make it easier for you, but it also reduces the risk of losing your cards! A good helper for storing small items inside, with the widest and time-saving design, allowing you to quickly see and find what you need. Allows you to charge your devices anytime, anywhere, very convenient!