【Festive Elegance Series - Five Fortunes Gift Set】

Total 5 pcs of Mandarin Puerh (puerh in dried tangerine) in an elegant round-shape box. Inside each Mandarin puerh weighted average 30g each is packed in Peony pattern brocade bag. Peony is a symbol of prosperity, while the main ingredient Mandarin peel and puerh are both "getting older getting more value", imply a blessing of long life and healthy.

Using the finest Guangdong Xinhui Tangerine Peel from Chahang/Tienma Villages and aged Imperial ripe puerh from Yunnan. 

Infusion is brown with peel fragrance, a sweet aftertaste and smooth finish.


Quality tangerine peels are said to nourish the stomach and strengthen respiratory system; also, helpful on weight control, anti-aging and soften the blood vessels, etc.


【Brewing Instructions】

Tear the tangerine peel into small pieces, then match the proportion about "1 or 2g to 6g" for a mix of "dried peel to tea".  The proportion and quantity of tea used can be adjusted according to individual's preference. 

Using 100℃ water temperature for rinsing and brewing tea

Brewing time: very short or just 3 to 5 seconds in the first few brewing, then increase the time to half minutes or longer when more infusions have been made. (using big pot for a group of people otherwise, can take 2 to 3 minutes in the first brewing)

Tea ware: Ceramic pot,  purple clay pot and lid tea bowl are all suitable.


Net weight: 150g

Origin: Yunnan (Puerh Tea), Guangdong, China (Dried Tangerine)