Birthday Gifts for Your BFF
2024-05-23 09:57

Looking for birthday gifts for your friends? Planning what to send for firends every year on their birthday is probably one of everyone's struggles.  LOUDER has handpicked a few items for you that are perfectly for your friends!


【The One For The Fashionable Friend

SCANFC® | NFC Engineered Mobile Strap with Pouch  $388

When it comes to picking a gift, you can't go wrong with the NFC Engineered Mobile Strap with Pouch! It's a cool accessory that keeps your phone secure and has a handy pouch for keeping cards, cash, or keys. Plus, it's got NFC technology, so you can make contactless payments, access digital information, or transfer data with just a simple tap.

The design for this mobile strap pouch is gender-neutral, making it suitable for both male and female friends. Not just practical, this pouch could add a stylish touch to any everyday outfit!

SCANFC® is a fashion tech brand founded in Hong Kong in 2018. As a pioneer in the NFC fashion tech industry, SCANFC® has invented a patented detachable *NFC Patech (NFC patch), which brings a series of revolutionary NFC Engineered hands-free Mobile Strap.


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The One For The Spiritual Friend

FRIKA Nature Collection | Natural Crystal Stone Candle $428

Winter is the perfect time to create a cozy vibe at home, and candles are just the thing to set the mood. That's why this natural crystal stone candle is an awesome gift idea for your friend. It's not just any ordinary candle - it's a stunning combination of a crystal and a candle that'll create an enchanting atmosphere in their space. These crystals are carefully cleansed with California white sage and charged under the sun and moonlight, so your friend can enjoy all the positive energy they bring.                  

This Natural Crystal Stone Candle (9OZ) is not only aesthetically pleasing but also long-lasting, with a burn time of 50 hours. It comes in three variations. There's the Amethyst Lavender Dream for tranquility and spiritual growth, the Sunbath in Baltic Natural with Lapis Lazuli for truth and friendship, and the Pink Grapefruit Paradise with Pink Rose Quartz for love and emotional healing. You can pick the one that suits your friend's personality and needs the most, making the gift even more personalized and thoughtful.

FRIKA Nature Collection is established to create a relaxing lifestyle for busy urbanites through their unique combination of natural crystals and candle scents.


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The One For The Disney Fan

Good2select | Disney Character Preserved Flower Vase (Wooden Base) $465

We all have that one friend who goes absolutely crazy for anything Disney-related. Well, if you're looking for a gift that will make their heart skip a beat, look no further than the Disney Character Preserved Flower Vase. Trust me, it's a surefire way to send their excitement levels through the roof!

Just imagine your friend's beaming smile when they unwrap this beautifully crafted glass vase adorned with their favorite Disney characters. You will sure make their day! You could choose from a range of characters including timeless classics like Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse and even newly released Pixar characters. But here's the best part – each character has its own unique flower scene, adding an extra dose of enchantment. It's the perfect fusion of Disney's whimsy and the beauty of natural flowers, creating a mini Disney wonderland within a vase!

The preserved flowers in the vase can last for up to 3-5 years, which means your Disney-crazed friend can enjoy the magic and beauty of the flowers long after other bouquets have wilted away.

Good2select was founded in 2017, offering a unique combination of handmade preserved and dried flowers alongside various cartoon figures best suited for room decoration or gifting.

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The One For The Home Deco Enthusiast

ONELIVINGS | CLASSIC Edition- WONDER- Himalayan Salt Lamp $698

If you're looking for a gift that will excite a home decor enthusiast, this Himalayan salt lamp is an excellent choice! The lamp not only adds a touch of natural beauty to any space but also serves as a unique and captivating decor piece.

With its mesmerizing pink hue and distinctive shape, the lamp can easily enhance the visual allure of any room, whether placed on a coffee table, shelf, or bedside table. When lit, they emit a soft and soothing glow, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere that's perfect for relaxation, meditation, or creating a cozy reading nook. Additionally, Himalayan salt lamps offer health benefits by improving air quality through the release of negative ions. This combination of beauty, functionality, and wellness makes them an exceptional gift choice for those who appreciate both style and substance in their living space.

ONELIVINGS is a local salt lamp brand established in 2013 when two strangers crossed path and embarked a journey together in the Himalayas. Deeply moved by Tibetan Buddhism ideology, they co-founded this brand aiming to help urbanites reclaim their spirituality from modern living.


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