[Christmas Gift Exchange] 4 Gifts Under $200 - Gifting Guide for Lazy Peeps
2023-12-22 11:20

In the previous blog, we shared some gift recommendations under $100. If you're feeling a bit more generous this time, no worries! We've got your back with another 4 incredible gift ideas priced under $200. These picks are perfect for Christmas and come with packaging that screams holiday vibes. So get ready to spread the joy of the season with your loved ones and friends. It's gonna be epic!


A Must-have For Going Out

SOVOS | X'Mas Card Aroma Sanitizer-20ml x 3 Pack $138

Tired of giving the same old Christmas cards every year? Well, fear not! The X'Mas Card Aroma Sanitizer gift set from SOVOS is a perfect choice! Inside the festive card-shaped box, you'll find three different organic sanitizing sprays with unique scents. Experience the sweet romantic "Snowflake Clary Sage” fragrance that calls for happiness, the timeless "Christmas tree Black Spruce” fragrance that stands tall in the winter snow, and the adorable round and cuddly " Snowman Marshmallow” fragrance that is sweet and tangy all in one go. But it's more than just hand sanitizers, it can also be a christmas card as you can personalize the back of the gift box with a heartwarming message. Get ready to captivate the hearts of both kids and adults alike with this extraordinary Christmas surprise!

SOVOS is a professional aromatherapy brand dedicated to integrate 100% organic herbals, personal diagnostic and therapy treatments into your everyday holistic lifestyle. Supported by a community of passionate internationally qualified aromatherapists, SOVOS selects physical and mental the finest therapeutic grade botanical species for your health.

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X'Mas Card Aroma Sanitizer



A Choice For Christmas Gatherings】- Family

Epoch.Workshop | Christmas Edition- Apple Blossom Gin $138 

Christmas is all about getting together with family and what better way to celebrate than by sharing some top-notch booze? Forget the fancy champagnes and wines this year and try something totally new – coffee gins! Let me introduce you to Apple Blossom Gin! Picture this: a refreshing and sweet apple taste, combined with the alluring scent of jasmine, all infused with the rich flavors of coffee. And let's not forget the awesome Christmas tree-shaped bottle that adds a festive touch to any family gathering. If you're visiting a friend or family member who appreciates good booze, this gift not only shows your appreciation for their refined taste but also gives you an excuse to pop the bottle open right then and there and enjoy some good drinks together!

Epoch.Workshop is a coffee shop that offers a variety of coffee beans, bottles of coffee, and coffee cocktails for those who appreciate the rich and bold flavors of a good cup of coffee.

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Apple Blossom Gin



A Choice For Christmas Gatherings】- Buddies

Hong Kong Whistle | HKW Christmas Craft Beer Gift Set $150 

When celebrating Christmas with your squad of close friends or bros, you've gotta have some great beer to accompany the festivities! Instead of going for the usual bubbly rosé wine that everyone's posting online, why not shake things up this year with an special flavoured craft beer providede by Hong Kong Whistle.There are different ways to enjoy Christmas cakes and gingerbread, but HK Whistle took it to a whole new level by turning them into beer! They infused flavors like orange zest, dried fruits, raisins, and cinnamon into Irish beer, creating a brew that's rich and aromatic. So gather your buddies, crack open some beers, and let the Christmas vibes carry you all the way into the New Year!

Hong Kong Whistle is a boutique brewery founded in 2016 focused in producing affordable-luxurious, handcrafted and small-batch brews.

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HKW Christmas Craft Beer Gift Set



【A Choice For Christmas Getaway

Pastel Lab | Christmas Bath Set - Mixed $168


With the year-end vacation around the corner, many people are opting for a relaxing staycation at hotels to unwind and recharge. And what's a staycation without a blissful bathing ritual? This Christmas, Pastel Lab has introduced a visually stunning Christmas limited edition set that is sure to delight. It features four handcrafted bath products with festive designs.

First up is the "Rainbow Bath Bomb - Cloud" that promises a fragrant and colorful bathing experience. Then, there's the ultra-realistic " Mini Donut Bubble Bar " infused with the sweet scent of honey. For those who enjoy a foamy and luxurious soak, the " Bubble Bath Bomb" surely won’t let you down! And let's not forget the "Cold Process Soap" enriched with fruity essential oils soaps for hand washing or showering. Pamper yourself or your loved ones to a stress-relieving bubble bath and wash away the pressures of the year! It's the perfect gift for yourself or your friends and family to start the new year feeling refreshed and renewed!

Pastel Lab is an all-things soap workshop established by Natalie and Chelsea in 2020.

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Christmas Bath Set - Mixed