Guide to Signature Hong Kong Souvenirs
2024-06-21 11:00

Tourist Attention! Still struggling what souvenir to buy when travelling to Hong Kong? No worries, LOUDER has a wide variety of signature souvenirs that even Hong Kong people are rushing to buy! We have handpicked 5 popular items that are both practical and beautiful! Stop by our stores and share with your friends!


DATOMAP | Hong Kong Districts Map Coaster $68

The “Hong Kong Districts Map Coasters” showcases the 18 districts locations of the city, complemented by illustrations of sparrow and mountain landscapes. They are not only aesthetically striking but also highly functional. Made of ceramic, the coaster is water absorbent and can be cleaned easily, protecting your table from stains. There are four colors available, perfect as decorations or as a thoughtful gift for your family and friends.


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MR.MAHJONG | Mahjong - Wind x 2 tiles $288

Want to bring home a classic Hong Kong cultural souvenir? “Mr. Mahjong” has launched this unique mahjong set! This set combines traditional mahjong with innovation, printing blessing phrases and fun expressions on the mahjong tiles. Don't hesitate to buy it for your "trendy dad" and "beautiful mom".


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Juk Gwan On Hou | Choi Hung Estate Jewelry Rack $270

Still struggling to keep your accessories organised? Then you can't miss out this “Choi Hung Estate Jewelry Rack”! Inspired by one of the city's iconic public housing estates, this jewelry rack perfectly showcases the classic Hong Kong architectural style. Whether you use it to store your jewellry or for decoration only, it will add a touch of Hong Kong’s unique charm. As a souvenir for your friends and family, it's sure to pique their interest and let them share in the captivating urban vibe of Hong Kong. How can you resist this piece?


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Gabangel | Dai Pai Dong Playing Cards V2 $118

Are you tired of having to buy a new deck of cards every time you play drinking games and accidentally spill beverages over the cards? The latest Dai Pai Dong card set from “Gabangel” is the perfect solution! Not only does it feature an eye-catching design with vibrant colors, but it is also water resistant! The set also incorporates local design elements, blending Hong Kong's iconic Dai Pai Dong dishes into the playing cards. It's a visually appealing piece that doubles as both a fun game and a unique gift for your friends to play with.


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Ar Ma Chili Oil $78

Hey home cooking enthusiasts! Listen up! The “Ah Ma Chili Oil” established in Tai O in 1981 is a must-try. Passed down through the generations, this artisanal condiment embodies the unique culinary heritage of Hong Kong. The handmade chili oil uses only the finest natural ingredients, it's free from any preservatives, artificial colors, or added nasties. Whether you're whipping up a storm in your own kitchen or looking for the perfect gift for your foodie friends, the “Ah Ma Chili Oil” is the way to go. Treat your taste buds well and appreciate the locally made food with your loved ones. Don't sleep on this one, trust me!


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