Original Rooibos 100g / 40 Tea Bags - 100% Natural Rooibos Main Benefits Antioxidant | Caffeine free |Comforting Rooibos (pronouced Roy-boss) is a red bush herbal tea native to South Africa. It's famous for its therapeutic benefits and nutritional content with natural source of antioxidants, low in tannin and free of kilojoules, caffeine, colorants and preservatives. Rooibos tea is rich in antioxidant and minerals to fight and neutralise against free radicals in the body. It helps to prevent cancer and heart disease. It reduces stress, alleviates allergies and inflammation, regulates immune function and calms stomach cramps. *DISCLAIMER: DIETARY PRODUCTS ARE NOT INTENDED TO TREAT, PREVENT OR CURE DISEASE. CONSULT WITH A HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL BEFORE STARTING ANY DIET, SUPPLEMENT OR EXERCISE PROGRAM.