Hei Lemon incorporates heart lemons cultivated in Setouchi, Japan, along with Fortnum & Mason's classic black tea - a renowned British brand with over 300 years of history. As the heart lemon slices gradually float atop the tea, they release a unique lemon fragrance that imparts a distinct flavour. Indulging in a premium afternoon tea isn't just about satisfying your taste buds, it's also a way to relish life's simple pleasures. Whether you're alone or in the company of friends, take a moment to slow down, savour each sip, and enjoy the present moment. Treat yourself or your loved ones to a sophisticated and distinctive afternoon tea experience. It makes for an excellent gift or a personal indulgence. # Manufactured in a licensed food factory # License number 2992807560 # Address Room B, 13th Floor, Fu Wah Industrial Building, 10-16 Ban Shan Street, Tsuen Wan