Kelvin Collections Ltd(mustard seed), the smallest seed, was established on January 1, 2001, and marked as a new chapter for spiritual gifts.
For more than 20 years, the founder Kelvin Kwan has held the vision and original intention of the company to "moisturize the heart and convey love", which has always been consistent so far.

Products include greeting cards, calendars, table decorations, practical small gifts and more than 100 different kinds. The feature of the product is that each piece of work has a heart-warming original illustration and wordings which can be used as an inspiring gift.

Kwan Ka Leung,Kelvin Kwan, (ig: kalligrapherhk)
Calligraphy member of Guangdong Province. Founder of Kelvin Collections Ltd, spiritual gift enterprise in Hong Kong.

Combining more than 40 years of calligraphy experience, Hong Kong's Chinese and Western culture and life experience, coupled with his own creation of spiritual illustrations, Kelvin Kwan has become his own healing style. His works often give people a sense of simplicity, freshness and hope. He often see the needs of others, which is expressed in his works, which resonates and nourishes others’ heart.

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